Designed and built with elegance and beauty in mind.

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    Designed with elegance and beauty at every angle

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Tenant Contractors

Since opening its doors in 1988, Tenant Contractors has specialized in general & interior commercial build outs. Commitment to producing a superior product with a strong focus on on-time completion and attention to detail has assisted Tenant Contractors in their ability to build long lasting customer relationships.

Tenant Contractors is built up with a team of industry leading professionals. Tenant Contractor’s employees are safe, reliable and experienced.

For more than 25 years, the leadership of Tenant Contractors Management Team has committed to quality craftsmanship while maintaining the upmost levels of honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction. This business philosophy has led Tenant Contracts to be a top choice for general & interior contracting in Jacksonville and the surrounding area.

“Since hiring Tenant Contractors, I have never dealt with a more knowledgeable Contractor and consider our company extremely fortunate to have made this choice.”

– Lenny Smith, Xorail Construction

“Everyone that has seen our new facilities has commented on how wonderful the environment is and we are quick to tell them that Tenant Contractors provided the services.”

– Diana T. Cole, Florida Sound Engineering Co. Inc

“Thanks for going the extra mile for Everbank!”

– Susan Burns, Everbank

“Thank you all so much for the gift of our room! You have doubled our capacity to give women freedom through our business! Thanks for helping us sew a new story!”

– Kristen Keen, Exective Director